Paris American Academy was established in 1965 by Richard Roy. It was established to fill a need gap for strong vocational training in the Fashion and Creative Arts industry. It was the founders dream to position the institution as one of choice for individuals all over the world in the study of arts and fashion. During the past fifty-one years, students and professionals from thirty-five nationalities have participated in either the intensive short term seminars or attended a longer four-month spring term or a three-year curriculum. The strongly vocational approach prepares students for career in Fashion, Fine Arts and Interior Design.

Today, PAA continues to deliver excellent training in the fields of Creative arts, fashion and design, interior design and culture, through the teaching of languages. Like Victor Hugo, that I quoted earlier, PAA is a strong believer that true liberation is only as real as one’s education is. To this end, PAA is poised to deliver its culture of excellence with the establishment of Paris American Academy Nigeria and through the instrument of its various educational programs.

Against this backdrop, the Paris –American Academy in Nigeria is adequately positioned to help in the area of capacity development. This opportunity is also coming at a time where the roadmap is clear, giving rise to a hopeful set of young men and women who are willing to become part of a structured development system.

Paris American Academy Nigeria (PAAN) is an institution which caters to training and empowerment within the different sphere of the fashion and design/garment making industry. Our current focus is in the area of improving industry standards/workers skills and business within the industry with requisite skills for productivity and profitability.

Our Institution Paris American Academy Nigeria has undertaken an examination of the Nigerian fashion industry especially garment making / industrial garment making factories and have created a SPECIAL PROGRAM/ CURRICULUM to cater for improving and standardizing garment makers’ skills. This special curriculum will also succeed in improving the quality of workmanship and reduce the occurrence of “Imported” workforce brought into Nigeria to work due to the dearth of skillful hands to work in such industries.

 PAAN works in collaboration with local and foreign partners to support the development of a qualified and sustainable workforce in the area of Garment construction, Sketchers, assembly line work force, Pattern drafters, Cutters and illustrators.

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